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Baby Name Paintings

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Latest completed project: Two recent commissions I did for newborn twins; Hayden and Harley. They’re 12″ x 20″ watercolor paintings. Perfect gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, or Christmas! This woman’s sister-in-law purchased a Faerie Tales Studio gift certificate from me to pay for part 0f them (used as the down-payment) and then the twins’ mom paid for the rest once completed.


Goddess series coming soon….

Faerie Tea Party Painting

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I just came across these photos I took of a giant watercolor painting I did in 2000 for a cafe that was up on Mt. Hood. I had to paint on the floor, and it was difficult to find watercolor paper that large!

The Deed has been Done

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The work in progress- featured in the Green Fabric video, that is! My client was really happy with it. I wish I had taken some better photos of it, but you can get the idea here…



My first Interview / Demo for Green Fabric!

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My first interview / demo for Green Fabric: