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Book Launch @ Pop Culture. Old Mother Hubbard

Posted in Updates on September 29, 2011 by coleenmcintyre

Thanks everyone who showed up to our book signing at a nifty little shop in Vancouver called PopCulture last night! We even had a surprise guest appearance from Old Mother Hubbard herself who read our book to the kiddos. There were sightings of Little Miss Muffit, The Fisherman, Some cowboys,  The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Puss in Boots, and more! If you missed it, and are interested in purchasing a copy you can go to:

Baby Name Paintings

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Latest completed project: Two recent commissions I did for newborn twins; Hayden and Harley. They’re 12″ x 20″ watercolor paintings. Perfect gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, or Christmas! This woman’s sister-in-law purchased a Faerie Tales Studio gift certificate from me to pay for part 0f them (used as the down-payment) and then the twins’ mom paid for the rest once completed.


Goddess series coming soon….

Faerie Tea Party Painting

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I just came across these photos I took of a giant watercolor painting I did in 2000 for a cafe that was up on Mt. Hood. I had to paint on the floor, and it was difficult to find watercolor paper that large!

Wedding Invitations

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Well, other than my own I’ve never done wedding invitations, and I quite like the way these came out. Hopefully the Bride and Groom will as well! I did the original painting, printed the image, designed the text on them – and then painstakingly attached them to each card with silver photo corners.

New Book coming in June!

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Well I’ve wrapped up the last of the paintings for my next book, coming out in June titled, “Old Mother Hubbard’s Mixed Up Cupboard (A Collection of Tangled Tales)”. All I have left to do now is a cover, which will be completed within a week. I used a combination of watercolor, gouache, and a little colored pencil on this one.

The book will be published by the same company  I did “Baking With Friends” with, and will be available through their website @: soon. I will also have available some signed copies for sale – and I will soon be announcing some book signing dates in which the author, Sameena Bachmeier, will be available for as well. Dates to be announced.

You can find out when the release is by going here:

#10 The Dark Weevil

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Well I believe I have ended this bug journey, on a darker note, with the infamous boll weevil.


He is a reminder that no matter how much growth we may experience – there’s always your shadow lurking somewhere, following you, wanting to be dealt with.

The boll weevil is not entirely destructive and gluttonous however. In my research I came  across a very interesting concept that was inspired by this little destructive guy. There is an actual monument celebrating him, in a small Alabama town. The moral of the story falls in line with the old adage about one door closing, and another one opening.


I chose to document the progress of this piece, something I really haven’t done before. It was a really fun piece to do because like the others in this series I didn’t plan it out as thoroughly as I used to. I think this does show in some areas that I’m not particularly happy with, but the overall process of not only this piece – but all of them, was quite important to me. If you’re interested in following along my painting journey, you can check out the images below.