About the Spirit Bugs


Each composition is actually two paintings; a background with a separate bug mounted on it with a small piece of foam-core. The edges of all bug pieces have been carefully burned to the desired shape.

As children, we don’t really decipher cute animals from “gross” bugs, unless we have been taught to by adults, and we’re in awe of almost everything. I’ve been fascinated by small creatures until this day. I had my mother in fear of doing laundry when I was a child because she was afraid of what she’d find in my pockets. My curiosity about them led me to numerous stings and bites, and proud ownership of several bug zoos.

I’ve decided to do my new series of paintings on bugs, particularly the uncelebrated ones. I chose the bugs who had physical qualities and a spiritual influence in my work instead of simply choosing ones that were popular for their esthetically pleasing nature.

Until recently, I spent the last decade concentrating on marketing my faerie paintings and the business end of being an artist/illustrator. Then suddenly one day, there it was —I was extremely driven to paint again for the first time in years. I yearned to do something totally different, totally new. I loosened up, giving myself the freedom to let the backgrounds in this series develop as I worked. In my previous works I had every last detail planned out at the very start, leaving no room to explore once I began.

This series is submerged in symbolism and has a lot to do with the personal growth I’ve been experiencing. I leave it to you as the viewer to take with you, your own personal experience from these special small creatures.

Every bug, leaf, rock, speck of dirt – has a purpose here on this earth. Take a minute and appreciate the magical intricacy of the structure, purpose, and importance in the web of life that the Spirit Bugs have.

Some original paintings are still available, are all beautifully framed and matted (http://ivebeenframed.lbu.com) specifically to each piece.


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