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#10 The Dark Weevil

Posted in Updates on January 14, 2011 by coleenmcintyre

Well I believe I have ended this bug journey, on a darker note, with the infamous boll weevil.


He is a reminder that no matter how much growth we may experience – there’s always your shadow lurking somewhere, following you, wanting to be dealt with.

The boll weevil is not entirely destructive and gluttonous however. In my research I came  across a very interesting concept that was inspired by this little destructive guy. There is an actual monument celebrating him, in a small Alabama town. The moral of the story falls in line with the old adage about one door closing, and another one opening.


I chose to document the progress of this piece, something I really haven’t done before. It was a really fun piece to do because like the others in this series I didn’t plan it out as thoroughly as I used to. I think this does show in some areas that I’m not particularly happy with, but the overall process of not only this piece – but all of them, was quite important to me. If you’re interested in following along my painting journey, you can check out the images below.



Finished Death Painting & Messenger

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The Portland Tarot Show was a success! So many people came, and it was so crowded that three of my friends that came to see me couldn’t find me! I did not sell my painting, but many did. She is now on display @ Love Art! Gallery in Sellwood, along with my winged  foot piece titled “Messenger”. ( 8036 SE 13th Ave. Portland, OR, 97202).

Both mixed-media  pieces were originally adorned with wishbones that my grandmother had been saving for me before she died, in the hopes of breaking them with me and making a wish. I’ve removed them for this vegan-owned gallery, and discovered the pieces were just as strong without them. If purchased they can be re-attached – or maybe I’ll do something new with them!

Both are watercolor paper mounted on painted wood. The Death piece is burned around the edges and mounted with rusty nails. There is a face of a grandfather clock with the words “Tempus Fugit” (Time Flies) that I’ve been hanging onto since my trash digging days in college on the streets of Philly. Yay! Finally found a perfect fit for it.

If you’re interested in either piece, please contact Love Art! Gallery@ 503-954-2656.