New Childrens Book Coming Soon!

After a long busy summer of drawing and painting I have finally completed all of the illustrations for my first  Children’s Book! It’s due to be back from the printer just before Christmas on December 14th and I will keep everyone posted. It’s titled, Baking With Friends, published by The Goops LLC.

The owners Nick Beatty and Barbara Ross have been a treat to work with, and the process of creating this book was so fun and interesting. It’s a baking book for children (with the guidance of adults) – filled with good old fashioned baking recipes – and of course my own illustrations. The book is designed to engage families in activities that they can do together, such as baking of course. The book will also come with a CD in the back, filled with more family activities. I will keep you posted on how you can get your copy closer to the release date. We will also be having a launching party in late December as well. More details to come…

Illustration for “Fruited Focaccia” below:

Fruited Focaccia

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