Art Hop 5/16/09 and Six Day’s 5th Birthday!

Six Days art co-op celebrates its fifth anniversary despite hard economic times.

Six Days art co-op located at on Alberta Street recently was robbed of a week’s income, but members came together to keep its doors open. On Saturday, May 16th Six Days will be celebrating their fifth anniversary of business. Despite the recent set back, the group came together to plan their anniversary party and celebrate a unique collaborative of artists that push each other in talent and business acumen. Like many businesses in today’s economic climate, Six Days has had to think creatively to keep their doors open and provide a great space for artists to show their wares year round.

“That’s the great thing about our co-op we work together and think out side of the box, to make things happen. We had just finished remodeling the store with very little money and a lot of elbow grease to elevate the look and feel of our store, when we were robbed.” said Lisa Klupenger, a two year member. “We had a meeting and brainstormed ideas on how to recover the money. We’ll probably be do a raffle on a Last Thursday and a garage sale to help recover the costs. In the meantime, we’re going to put all our efforts into moving forward and celebrating our Fifth year of being open.”

Six Days Cooperative Gallery (at 2724 Alberta St. in Portland) has recently welcomed two artists to their membership. Bart Degraff, an accomplished local watercolorist – and Nicole Gekov, whose figurative clay sculptures inspire with a positive statement. DeGraff has showings booked around the city and state all summer, but felt he needed a place to establish as his home for his artwork. “Alberta Street has a large diverse art community that regularly visits the street to see what’s happening, so I felt this was a good place to make my home base and to build my following.” says Bart.

“Six Days doesn’t want to be a traditional gallery”, says Coleen McIntyre, a four-year board member. “We pride ourselves in being what the traditional gallery stereotype is not, and value the freshness of up and coming artists, and the spirit of more seasoned ones. We swap ideas, encourage growth, while sharing skills and information. We have a strong sense of family and community here.”

Recently Six Days joined in sponsoring President, Terry Fay in her passion to Climb Mount Hood and raise funds for the American Lung Association. They have organized a fund raising raffle, with contributions from the artists. “It’s just one more way that we work as a community. I feel touched that these people have given generously to such a great cause.” boasts Fay.

On Saturday, May 16th, Six Days will be celebrating their Fifth anniversary along with The tenth annual Alberta Art Hop. The co-op will open at 11:00 am to celebrate Art Hop while their “Birthday Bash” begins at 6:00 pm. All Six Days Artisans are participating. Their membership includes a wide range of artistic talent; jewelers, painters, glass artists, furniture designers, metal works, ceramics, clothiers and fabric artists. Co-op members will also be in fun birthday hats, having a raffle, birthday cake and celebrating their hard work as an artistic community.

If you would like more information about Six Days Art Co-Op, contact President, Terri Fay at or call 971- 409-4971. Please visit to learn more about us. Six Days is currently seeking members.

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