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Winter White Show @ Six Days Art Co-Op 11/15

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Alberta Street is gaining popularity for established and new artists to sell their goods.

Alberta Street, located in Northeast Portland, is gaining a strong reputation for established and new artists to get their name out into the Portland art scene. Traditionally, the Pearl district, located in the Northwest sector of town, has been the area for artists to get recognition in Portland. The Alberta Street Business Association and Art on Alberta have been working hard to bring awareness to the growing street. In addition to their popular Last Thursdays, they recently sponsored the September Art Walk, and they are lighting up the streets for the holiday season, hoping to entice shoppers to linger and enjoy what the street has to offer.


Six Days Cooperative Gallery (at 2724 Alberta Street) has been promoting local talents for over three years now. Their most recent new members happen to be already established artists, although often the co-op has been known to be the starting point for many new artists. Nora Catherine has been selling her upscale jewelry in the Pearl District and in California for the past few years but decided on Six Days as a way to get her name more recognizable to the public. “Alberta Street has a large diverse art community that regularly visits the street to see what’s happening, so I felt this was a good place to get my name out their and to build my following.” says Nora.


Also joining Six Days is Maquette, the art director for the popular Rose City Vaudville. She chose the co-op as a home to display her paintings and 3D mixed media pieces. “I’ve been all up and down this street, but chose Six Days on Alberta because it has a great range of artists, and they have a strong reputation for helping artists build their following and expand on selling their art.”


“Six Days doesn’t want to be a traditional gallery”, says Coleen McIntyre, a three-year board member. “We pride ourselves in being what the traditional gallery stereotype is not, and value the freshness of up-and-coming artists, who sometimes don’t even know where to start. We take them in, show ‘em a few ropes, and as a group we are figuring it out together, while sharing skills and information. We have a strong sense of family and community here.”


Six Days enjoys combining art with entertainment for Last Thursdays and Featured Artist shows. On Saturday, November 15th, Six Days will be kicking off the Holiday season with a Winter White show. All Six Days Artisans are participating. Their membership includes a wide range of artistic talent; Jewelers, painters, glass artists, furniture designers, metal works, clothiers and fabric artists. Co-op members will also be fully dressed in winter ball attire, and kicking off a joyous holiday shopping season.



If you would like more information about Six Days Art Co-Op, contact  President, Terri Fay at or call 971- 409-4971. Please visit to learn more about us. Six Days is currently seeking new members.