Art Co-Ops – What are they all about?

PRESS RELEASE: 9/2/08 Art Co-ops are emerging as an alternative for artists to sell.

Art cooperative galleries are emerging as an expanded way for artists to sell their art. Most co-ops are based on artist participation and ownership of their gallery space, allowing them to show year round, versus the traditional month long show. A cooperative environment also provides resources, promotional ideas, and education, as it’s members share their knowledge and pool ideas.

Six Days Cooperative Gallery (at 2724 Alberta St. in Portland) takes it a step further, by nurturing young artists. The more experienced artists take their time and knowledge to help educate about displaying, selling and even expanding their artistic line to provide more sales. They have several young artists that are new to selling their work, but have started to have a following, due to exposure at co-op events.

Christin McNair is one of those artists. Her handcrafted metal work recently received an invitation to be displayed on the Oregon stage at the Portland Bite. During a Last Thursday event , an artist’s rep was walking by her dynamic art (which involves fire) and invited her to help with SUCH AND SUCH  bands’ fire display at the BITE. The success of that show led to the band now traveling with one of her pieces touring the Pacific Northwest.

“Six Days doesn’t want to be a traditional gallery”, says Coleen McIntyre, a three-year board member. “We pride ourselves in being what the traditional gallery stereotype is not, and value the freshness of up and coming artists, who sometimes don’t even know where to start. We take them in, show ‘em a few ropes, and as a group we are figuring it out together, while sharing skills and information. We have a strong sense of family and community here.”

Co-ops have a variety of structures, fees, and time obligations. Some are tailored to just one type of discipline,  the most common case is a co-op structured around members whose talents bridge many disciplines. Most have Board of directors, and member committees specializing in different areas of operation, from marketing to displays. These committees can be another avenue for young artists to learn different aspects of selling their art.

During their openings and Last Thursday events, Six Days enjoys combining their art with entertainment. On Saturday, September 28th, Six Days will be having a Pirate show and costume party called “Six Days at Sea”. Four of Six Days Artisans are participating.  Included will be: Terry Fay’s authentic Pirate wear, vibrant acrylic paintings by Dan Alm, Kat Paw’s Designs of finely crafted jewelry, and Christin McNair’s unique metal work. There will be a prize for best dressed pirate, opportunities to play one’s luck on a spinning wheel, and plenty of grog to imbibe. Co-op members will also be fully dressed in pirate attire, and speaking their best pirate-speak during the show.

If you would like more information about Six Days Art Co-Op, contact Terri Fay at or call 971- 409-4971.
Please visit  HYPERLINK “” to learn more about us. Six Days is currently seeking members.

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