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In the works…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 2, 2008 by coleenmcintyre

I’m going to attempt this blogging thing because I think the way Green Fabric ties the individual’s blog into each local (artist/ maker of cool things) ‘s page is a really great thing. And I suppose I should take advantage of this really cool thing to let my clients, fans, or admirers know what I’m up to.

Well, Here I am, taking a break from a painting, or a “deed” of sorts really – a commissioned piece I’m doing for a woman who purchased a 10′ x 10’ piece of land in Scotland, in order to earn the official land ownership title of Lady. It is a very tedious piece involving lots of Celtic knots. It’s obsessively fun!

When I finish this piece I plan on doing one more painting in my Spirit Bug series. The winner of the 10th portrait is the dreaded weevil. Yep. The cutest little destructive bug ever. He’s all mine…