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Posted in Updates on January 14, 2008 by coleenmcintyre

With all the feel-good, self-help stuff going around these days, you tend to hear this a lot: “Everyone’s an artist!” It usually comes out of the mouth of someone just oozing with Glenda the Good Witch do-good immortality.  True: It’s great to get in touch with your creative side, no matter who you are or how talented you are. It’s healthy. It really burns me however, when someone who just dropped eighty bucks at a scrap-booking store and glues two things on a piece of paper decides to proclaim themselves an artist. I really don’t want to sound callous, but seriously – Just anyone can’t walk around proclaiming that they’re a surgeon, electrician, or a plumber without credentials. Being an artist is a profession, and many of us have degrees. Many of us don’t – but are self-taught with some discipline, and in the field working on some level as artists. We thrive on our art, and treat it with the same care as any professional would treat their work.

What is Art? Well that’s another question. This is very very vague, and will forever be a debate. I wouldn’t try to attempt this loaded question. Who is an artist? Well, I think that’s a lot simpler. It is someone that has a passion, a focus, some training (weather in school or self-taught), and takes their work seriously. Most of us knew we were artists at a very young age, because we’ve always wanted it badly. Who is NOT an artist? Anyone who never thought about being one until some guru told you to get in touch with your creative side – and then you made an ash tray, declaring yourself an artist. Please label yourselves properly as hobbyists, and leave the art to the artists.