About the artist

I consider myself an illustrator, now returning to the fine arts and pursuing graphic design. I personally choose the paintings I do to illustrate concepts, dreams, songs, and stories that all mean something to me, or move me in some way. I also do illustrations to aide in my clients’ ideas, stories, and articles. Finding visual solutions to fill the gaps that words can leave open can be quite an exciting challenge.

My paintings are all done in watercolor, gouache, some also with pen & ink, pastel, or colored pencil. When I begin a painting, it tells me which medium I am to use. This particular series of bugs called out clearly for pen & ink along with the vibrant color that gouache offers.

My Influences

In the past, my portfolio was geared towards children’s books, with a fancy for faeries. Most of my early inspirations came from Arthur Rackham, Georgia O’Keefe, and Brian Froud. I’ve always been interested in the mystical realms of fae and love to try and capture their essence.

Recently, however, I have found myself working less in the fantasy realm, and doing more studies on form. This series was an exercise for me to loosen my style, and experiment more with the backgrounds. I have just finished my  series of bugs, which incorporate more symbolism, icons, and meaning into my work than I have in the past.

I do commissioned work and graphic design. All of my pieces are available in prints, and some originals are for sale. Visit my other website, www.faerietalesart.com for many more paintings, more specific to faeries and children’s book illustration.